Monday, April 03, 2006

morning time1

morning time1
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Good morning everyone. So sorry it has been a long break. I feel like I am on the other side of being overwhelmed by all that I need to do to get ready for baby Rob. All that to say I wrote some lists. Why is the first step the hardest part? Or maybe its the asking for help part? But things are definetly coming together. Jack no longer uses a pacifier for sleep which is one of the big goals before new brother gets here. It was a hard week and I give ALL of the credit to Bo. When I wanted to quit, the first day, Bo kept on. I cannot pinpiont the change it has had on Jack but during the day now he is a little different. Small things like playing better by himself and getting less frustrated when things are not going his way are some of the differences. Next big step is the bed change. I cannot wait to set up the new things but I know Jack will feel different so I am trying my best to wait. I posted these four pictures this morning to show you mornings around here. Bo opens so he leaves around 5:45. Jack and I get up about 6:15. It is juice and cheerios at the window for Jack. He tells me all about what is going on in the street and who is going bye or if there are airplanes or not. I thought the four captured that pretty well. More soon, we had a big weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Jackson looks mighty "expectant" in this picture, and happy, cheerful too. I'm glad for the encouragement you are getting from your leader and lover.
Love, Oma