Monday, May 15, 2006

48 hours

friday morning
Originally uploaded by Jacks mom.

I have written this post in my head many times in the last few days but I havent had time to blog it so most of it is gone. Jack woke up early thurs morning with most of his torso covered in hives. Over the next 48 hours they raced across his body as I watched helplessly. It felt like I was watching the tide slowly come in and go out. Skin color to pink to scarlet red and back, just to start over again. THe doctor and I could come to no conclusions about its cause besides allergeries. BUt to what? I spent the 48 hours with my own tides of overreacting and hopfull that it would be over soon. Of course Jack was a trooper and for that I am very gratfull. Yes we watched too much Clifford and ate too many grahm crackers but we woke up Sat morning to skin that did not have any hives. Just skin, just skin as far as I could see. 48 hours was over.

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