Monday, May 29, 2006


Hello little brother
Originally uploaded by Jacks mom.

Happy Birthday Rob. Well its been a week. A quick one. I am overwhelmed with what a great time we have had this week. Yes labor was hard, but it was quick. I recommend Ben & Jerrys and a hot walk to start labor not, I repeat NOT lasagna. Everyone who stepped into the gap to babysit for Jack: We thank you. Jack has loved the time with everyone. I have loved hearing his laughter from the other room while with all of you. He greeted his new brother very carefully and has continued to be fasinated and helpfull this week. My breakdown came yesterday as I thought about life here in Stl without Maria. She came to say goodbye last night and by that time I was done with most of my crying. GG and Papa Joe said goodbye this morning and Oma and Katie leave tomorrow. I will be sad. I have two kids now. It will be a whole differnent ball game but I have felt so loved and cared for this last week by everyone I think that I am up for it. So now I blog about two, the tinier of us four. Enjoy.


brooke said...

hey tirzah. i loved all the pictures and i will call you tommorrow.

jeremy said...

dang that kid's a looker.