Monday, May 08, 2006


Just a couple things. First off no baby action yet.Second I drove all the way to the docs for my weekly only to be told that I had missed the message and my appoinment is tues not Monday. Ohh well. Third I know that I earlier resigned myself to not getting certain things done but I had a few minutes this morning so I repainted the dresser for Rob. Not a really big deal but its nice to get that done. No less than 3 people asked immediatly if the area I had been painting was well venilated. Yes it was. Lastly my little brother is at Swiss Labri for a while this summer. Check out his blog (hopfully I will figure out how to link you to it.

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brooke said...

hey tirzah

thanks for calling today, sorry i missed you. i will call you soon...let me know when rob makes an appearance! talk to you later...brooke