Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Robert ?? Rhodes

OK everyone this will be the tally page.
So far it is
Isaac - 5
Sheldon - 4
Joseph - 3
Samuel - 0
Thomas - 1

Thanks for your other choices that included Michael (thanks mom and dad), Chambliss (I tried for this one Kacey,Bo vetoed) Booby or Boobie- Thanks to Michael and Jeremy who need to decide on one spelling and LLoyd.
I say we keep voting to the day which I dont feel any closer this morning.


Chris Gordon said...

I'm for Issac.

brooke said...

sheldon. sheldon. sheldon. sheldon. there, that should settle it.

Lloyd said...

Ok, so I'm the only one who likes Thomas. You people just don't have any taste! :) I guess I'll go for Sheldon cause it sounds southern and when the boy gets in trouble Robert Sheldon just kind of roles off the toung. :)