Monday, June 05, 2006

clover field

clover field
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We took a walk to the playground this morning to 'tire' Jack out b/c he got out of bed the latest ever, 8 am. Well the new 'old' stroller worked very well. Papa, Jack and Rob used it saturday ,which created a very sweet picture that I will hopfully never forget, of the three walking down the sidewalk. Anyway the walk didnt work for me and Jack played in his room for his nap time today. I think timing has been the biggest adjustment for me b/c I cant seem to remember what we did with Jack and that was all of two years ago. I do remember stressing out about everything but not what the conclusions were. Jack is growing and changing his schedule. We have yet to ceate one for Rob. Sleep patterns are chaotic aound here to say the least. Speaking of sleep both boys are crying that they dont want to go down for the night. Got to go.


Pierre Schlomo Presley said...

You are an artist with an amazing eye for beauty in the world. You see things that I walk past. Thank you for teaching me to pay more attention. Now please, more close-ups of Rob!!
love, kace

tirzah said...

Kacey Kacey Kacey its good to hear from you!