Friday, July 21, 2006


Originally uploaded by Jacks mom.

These storms were larger than we knew. Especially since we didnt lose our power like alot of our freinds did. I didnt realize this until the next day when I drove around a bit. Tons of trees down. Freinds have been camped out here until they get their house back. It has been a lot of fun for us at least. These shots are from The main road behind our apartment. I didnt photoshot the colors, it was really that Gold. The amazing part was that there was still lighting in the middle of this golden glow. Thanks for everyones concern, we are fine.


Maria said...

This is beautiful and strange at the same time. Whose houses were effected? Was Leslie's and Debbie's?


tirzah said...

Leslie had power like we did. I think that the savages stayed over there. THe Kennedys are still out today. The maynors were ok also. I dont know about Dana but she probably didnt have power. Heidi is moving in across the street , by the way in to the building we used to live in. Helts were ok. I dont really know about anyone else. I is eerie to drive at night because of the lights still being out throughout the neighborhoods. People are acting like it is a winter storm, lining up for gas and things like that. I am glad you are safe I think of you much and miss you tons. I will be in Memphis all next week. enjoy your time over there love TR