Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Flickr is down

The photo page is down for the night so I guess I have to write. This parenting thing is hard. Its like guiding a white water raft with two rowers that speak different lanuages. At least I can take breaks with Bo. I really am beginning to see that at the deep end of love for a child there is grace and discipline. The d word seems like it was always just added on to me but its the real 50/50. Energy that is another thing that this parenting thing really needs. I can tell a big difference in Jack when I put just a little more energy into the time I have with him. Which brings us to sacrifice. I am sad tonight that I have to sacrifice my time alone at night(I like staying up) so that I wont be a zombie at 6 am. It is small I know compared to the payoff of a healthy kid but there has been a little more shock this time because my world became a lot smaller this time not just a bit. Dont be worried about me there is an amazing saftey net around us set up by the God who loves us. This is just me telling the truth and digging in for the next part or at least learning some new languages.


missy said...

It has been a long time--though I have been peeking in at your beautiful children since finding your blog. You are singing a tune (or speaking a language) that I have just encountered for the first time myself, with the birth of our second little one in April. I, too, know the safety net of which you speak and am sooo thankful. Hope to talk with you soon!

tirzah said...

Missy? of Doug and Missy? I have been looking for you! Where are you now?

missy said...

Yes, of Doug and Missy (and now Abigail and Joseph)! We are in Nashville! Sure do wish you were here, too--cause I could use a cup of coffee with an old friend/new mom of two!!