Saturday, July 08, 2006

some Rob pics to hold you over

rob 3
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After a day like today I am very thankful for all the extra helping hands that I have. Bo had to work this morning so it was just me but there was help along the way. We had a prayer breakfast for the men this morning that I organized the food for. One of our neighborhood families sent a casserole and one of their daughters came with me and she is always a huge help. On the way there we dropped off Jack with Lillian and her mom. Another huge help. We did well at the breakfast and came back to Lillians where we camped for an hour. I dont know how to write this but it was very nice to be there for that hour because we talk mom stuff as well as everything else as the kids run around. Than the boys and I picked up Lloyd and we were off to a junk store down town. Today was one of those days with rare low humidity so the windows were down all day, which if you know me is always the case. Anyway Lloyd pushed the stroller while I had Rob with me. We were met at the door by Paul and Jeremy was inside. So my fear that Jack would run crazy in a very rusty place was tacken away as all three were on guard for me. Than, its not over yet, Paul and I went over to Cheryls studio space to look at her new pieces. Once again Paul guarded Jack in a not so safe space while I got to walk around. Than it was home for us three for lunch and naps. All this to say I know that I am very privileged to be here in so many ways.


Melanie said...
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Melanie said...

It is so wonderful to be a part of your community and spend time with Jack, Lillian's long lost sibling. See We are very sure that God is not finished with the Rhodes in St. Louis. We are very greatful, whether is it is short or (hopefully for us) long-term. We are so proud of you for surviving (with so much grace) six weeks of being the mother of two.
Lots of love,
The Maynors

tirzah said...

thanks Melanie