Monday, December 25, 2006


Dressed up Rob
Originally uploaded by Jacks mom.

Today was the longest but not exhausting christmas ever. THe best part about that was we were able to let jack enjoy the gifts as we unwrapped them. We started Sun night and finished before dinner today.The boys have yet to get to there stockings so I guess that will still be tomorrow. As I am writing this I realize that it makes it sound like we had tons and tons of gifts but we had just the right amount. LIke I said it wanst the frantic pace that you usually associate with kids and presents. I have to admit that I like the tent as much as Jack. We are going to work on saying Happy New Year! tomorrow. Jack got to go to work with GG and Papa Joe today and it sounds like he swept the store, stacked his dinos on the chip shelves and greeted all who came in with Merry Chrisumm. A good day.

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