Sunday, December 17, 2006

A corner in the life of a shirt.

Rob 12-15-06
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I get the Christmas Crazys or maybe I am just crazy. No I am not spending a fortune on gifts(like I would like to) or decorating like a Griswald ( not enough time) I just get a little over multi-tasked. At the times I stop for a breath and realize I am doing more then 5 things at one time I realize I am addicted to the business. It is wonderful to sit with these boys on the floor and play, play, play. But the crazys creep in and I am up and off to laundry, baby food making, wrapping gifts, cleaning the kitchen, blogging, planning meals, dishes... Things do get done. We eat and live in a clean house and you get to read this, but I am working on sitting still, still, still. At the end of the day I dont want to focus on the onesi with stains of a smoothie breakfast and lunch green beans but Robs face.

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Karol ( Byrdiegyrl} said...

you have gotten the most important part of motherhood......keep the basics done and try to enjoy them while they will let you.....the stains will not hurt anything and that wonderful face will change so fast you will wonder where you were while they grew up so so so fast......the laundry and dishes and dust will wait for you....believe me!