Sunday, February 25, 2007

All gone

end of the construction
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Sometimes pictures don't give you a good perspective. The scene here captivated us for a whole morning as they lifted airconditioning units onto the roofs next door. But it doesnt look that spectacular here in the square. Another thing that doesnt translate to this blog entry is the amount of noise that construction caused, ending many naps. We enjoyed it for some things like huge trucks and the little crazy bobcat which zipped everywhere but I am glad to annouce that it is officialy over. There is only one dumpster left, sadly alone. KInda sad mostly glad. So if you made it this far into the most boring blog entry ever( I am watching the oscars also) let me finish by saying those very frustrating loud days were huge for helping me grow this year and I am glad. Over the months of hammering and loud music I felt that I was given the patience to cope with these situations. The construction may be gone but I am holding on to that.

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