Sunday, March 18, 2007

books and words

Books are sneeking into our lives. Jack is begining to incorporate phrases from books into his vocabulary. For example; the terms Mother and Father. As you know Jack calls us mama and papa but the other day Jack came in and started his question with a very seriuos 'Mother'. Mother? I have never asked him to say this or modeled it but there it was 'Mother'. I have heard this a few times in the last week so I didnt think until he followed it with 'Mother where is Father'. Father? well he is in the living room Jack. Not until he asked where Perry the dog was did I realize he was being Olivia. Olivia is one of our favorite characters and it looks like she is here for a visit. He also likes to end his sentences with 'ever' because he likes The Best Snow Day Ever. I realize when he does this how meticulous I need to be with picking books for his sponge like mind. PS my new favorite phrase he says to Rob, I show ya.

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Andi said...

isn't it funny how they mimic the things we say & read to them? jack always says- "ahhhh yeah" when answering yes to a question. the other day i realized he does it b/c that's what i do too.