Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Catching up

Rob is never far behind
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Thankfully I think we are getting back to a routine around here or at least catching up on some sleep. Sleep deprivation does funny things to you. I have found myself standing in rooms and not known why I was there, which isnt that big of a deal because people usually remember after a minute or so but I havent been remembering. Also washing my hair with the conditioner etc etc. Thankfully no one has been hurt. Probably because we eat alot of already prepared foods this last week. Other things are we were gifted a 'new' great shaped couch that fits perfectly in our small apartment and we love it. Rob is on his third round of antibiotics this week which are stronger and we will go back to docs in two weeks to make sure he is better. Bo is coaching baseball for a Westminster jr. high team. Jack got to go to practice with him while I was in AZ and loved it. Bo said he started caoching also. Rob has found his tongue and like to show everyone. He is very fun to watch play and try keep up with his brother. After Foster, who he misses, it is hard to hold on to him when he sees a dog he likes them so much. I am walking as much as I can and the boys love to go to the Forest park playground where (bragging here) Jack uses his thank you and excuse me words without prompting, as well as run and climb to his hearts content. We are ready for spring and change as well as growth. Next on the list Potty training. I will let you know how that goes once I have the guts to start.


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Andi said...

i love the new pics!