Tuesday, March 27, 2007

days are full

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Well today was a day for the books. We strated very well. Thankfully Rob is in a midnight to 5 am sleeping pattern and I have able to give the mbooks and toys to play with while I get just a little more snooze. Anyway Papa was home too which is always fun. Walked to Meshugagh, then to the Maynors for play time. Always a good time at the Maynors even though Jack sliced open his toe when he fell. I was just glad he didnt cut his chin or tongue. Walked back home for lunch when things got a little crazy. I was hot and Jack needed to soak his foot and clean his legs so I put him in the tub. Rob got to watch from the outside of the tub bottomless while I started lunch. When I heard Jack ask 'What you do Rob, what you do?' I knew what he did by not even looking. Yes there was poop everywhere. I started barking orders and hopped to. It was cleaned up in no time but I still wonder why do I think it is ok to let Rob chill out without a diaper?

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