Wednesday, April 04, 2007

busy bodies

bath boy
Originally uploaded by Jacks mom.
The posts have been lagging lately because we have been so busy. We have been playing and cleaning and reading and going, going, going. Jacks allergys have gone crazy so we have to try to take baths every night to clean all the pollen off. We have played alot outside last week but it was cold out there today and we stayed inside. Inside means either the Gordon's, Hendix's, Library or Maynor's house. I love that at anytime there are woman I can call for help or whatever. Today it was lunch at the Hendix than after nap and doctor visit we were off to the Gordon's for play and dinner where we stayed till bed. All this time away from my mess is probably why I have the energy to write now. We are off to a busy weekend this week with GG and Papa Joe coming. So enjoy the pics for now we will write more later.

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Michelle D said...

Hallo from Germany...I got to you from our friend Mister Huggins. I have a Jack too - who is actually named Stonewall Jackson Carter. Love the pictures of your boys! It gets me excited about when mine will be able to play together. God Bless!