Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Time here is flying. It drags slowly in the middle of the night but I think the days and weeks are going very fast. I am up in the night these days because we are in the middle of some major teeth cutting with Rob. Jacks cutting teeth was terrible, really terrible. So when I saw the four teeth this weekend already broken through I thought we were home free. I was wrong. He spends alot of time in my arms and wakes up alot at night. We are well though and I am accualy starting to sew aprons for friends. I am having a fun time but tend to go into a creative cave trying to finish my projects. So I limit my time sewing and try to remember everything else I need to do. So its mid-Arpil here even though it feels like December and we are flying on to summer.


Andi said...

those long nights are horrible. they sometimes feel longer than the days. i will praye those teeth come quickly so you all can get more rest.

jeremy said...

does it ever help your spirits when he's simultaneously cutting teeth and cutting the cheese? i think that would help me. a lot.

Tirzah said...

Actually his little toots are really cute. So yes they help a bit.