Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Evidently I love strollers. I noticed that I have to make myself focus on the road while I am driving if I see a cool stroller on the sidewalk and I think very fondly of all 4 of my strollers. Yes, four. A little stretch for four because one stays in Memphis for when the boys are there but I still like it. Anyway, strollers are the baby item I like shopping for the most. Even when we don't need one, I am looking. At the store I push and dream of who and where I can go with and to. They have straps and latches that adjust and the folding is wonderful. The one I saw today was amazing. It was a hiking backpack you put the kid in just like I have except newer and it had wheels! The wheels come off for hiking and a bar comes up for strolling, cool. It makes me sad that our Sit & Go probably won't make it through the summer but I am excited about looking.


intucston said...

if you want to see the coolest stroller ever, at least that's what i think, look at the bugaboo frog. incredible - in function, in style, and, of course, in price.

Andi said...

i love strollers too. unfortunatly, i love strollers that cost about $700. crazy. i love the bugaboo frog as well. you don't see many here, but they are so beautiful!