Monday, May 07, 2007

funny day

OHH boy
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What a funny day. The boys woke up around 5:30 b/c of Robs teeth which were bothering him. I have to admit I game them snacks toys and books to buy myself more time in my bed but they were not buying. So by 7:15 breakfast Jack announced he was going to nap. Thats fine I said thinking he was playing but it got really quiet. He was asleep in his bed in five minutes. So Rob and I cleaned my room and continued to go through clothes to get rid of. By 8:40 Jack was not up yet so ROb took a nap in the pack and play in our room. Jack got up around 9:20 Rob around 10 and off to the grocery we went via Kaldis. We saw Melanie there as well as two kids we knew.They were with their grandmother which can only mean that thier mom was at the hospital in labor. I hope it goes well today for her. Back to the house for lunch and amazingly enough they are asleep again. I am not though because they are cutting down trees next door with a chain saw and chiping them up. Lovely. So this week has cleared up considerably. Projects are being canceled or finished so I have time to blog pictures of Jack with markers all over himself. I am also going to say that I am taking the next two weeks off of the computer. Just for a break and travel. We will have plenty to see and tell when we get back so enjoy your two weeks and go find a pool.

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