Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Filling the gap

First of all congrats to my brother and his wife who are new parents as of yesterday afternoon to a 8 pd baby girl. Congrats and thanks for making me a aunty.
Around here we have had a bit of what we call hoof and hand but the doctors call hand and mouth so that made the boys very off. Rob and Jack mostly had sores in there mouths. It was not something we wanted to pass on too much so we kinda did our own thing for a bit. But we are all back and better and feeling good.
Rob is still wanting to walk but not yet.
Jack is making decisions in the car about which way he thinks we should go depending on our destination. The best thing about that is that when he knows I am going the right way I get a big 'good job you did it' from the back seat. I accually get praised alot from him these days only when I am doing what he wants of course but still its nice. A new one he added this week is ' perfect!' which we all know is not true but fun just the same. Other phases we hear from him regularly are , me show ya, lets go to the library, and yogurt? The trampoline has become a big deal around here. I was a bit scared of the danger factor for the whole summer but Jack has turned into a very good jumper and will spent the better part of the morning playing on it. Yesterday Jack and Elliot joined him for some jumping and water slinging which sounds a little out of control but they are a great mix of ages and sharing skills so we all had a blast. I am looking forward to more play times like that.
The boys had there first fight. It was over trains of course and ended with Rob tackeling Jack to the ground. Bo and I saw it all and it happened fast so Bo scooped up Jack and I got Rob. I dont think Rob is going to be a push over, I hope we can help him not be the one who swings first.
Bo and I are talking alot about what is next for us which is something we have done for three years in terms of job. It finally seems like it is down to working at Kaldis. The jobs that we were very sad about in the last three years God has given us the persective to see how they would have turned out for us and they are not good.
I am still into all of my tiny projects as well as making a wedding cake this summer. The days seem very packed and I am glad I get to do all of it.

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Oooooo... I like cake :)