Monday, June 18, 2007

On the move

Rob started walking today. Not very far, in fact when he realized that I was near and watching him he went back to crawling to me. I am not sure Jack knows what he is in for once the walking catches on. I do a little bit and I think my list of fun things to do for myself will be negelected for a while here. Otherwise we are gearing up for Jacks three year birthday on friday. I have been asking Jack what kind of cake he wants and the only thing so far is 'sprinkls'. Last thing tonight is a little advice I heard Jack give Rob who was upset about something, which probably ment Jack took a toy away, 'dont worry about it Rob'. I am starting to hear all kind of things from the other room these days. The best by far is the boys laughing big giggily laughs together, how fun.

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