Saturday, June 23, 2007

Recap of the day

its a party
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Friday:Well we just had a fabulous Saturday but I should begin telling you about friday. Birthday started out well enough. Fruitloops for breakfast. He didnt really like fruitloops so we played and Rob napped then we went to get balloons. Yeah balloons! Back for naps or at least playing in their rooms for few hours while I finish things for party. Things got started about 4 with jumping and water and hot dogs. For cake time the cup cakes were a hit and then back to jumping. The day ended with the boys reading their new books from Leslie on the trampoline. I would like to say the day was perfect but after being worn out and hot it was off to baths. After crying in the bath for a while Jack said 'I not have a good birthday'. I tried not to take this personaly because I worked really hard for the party and he was really tired. So we relaxed together and played games then off to bed. Some highlights of the day was how excited he gets when you sing happy birthday to him, which Ada and Ryan did over the phone as well as all the others that called. He asked everyone he saw to his party and I am glad not everyone like the snucks employer came. And I really think he did have a good day.
Saturday: The boys slept until 6:45. Right there is enough for me but we went on to Meshuagh then the farmers market and library. All within walking distance and I didnt realize how much I neede to walk. It felt really good. Back home we played relaxed napped and read quietly. This was my favorite part of the day. I didnt feel the need to rush around like I have for the last few weeks and it was so nice, so nice. Then we were off to the circus.Circus Flora! We had a blast. I was doubting it would be fun with a 1 year old and a tired 3 year old but it was great. Rob accually sat up and clapped for the elephant. Jack laughed out loud at a tons of things. I loved it. It was a great break from my days and I feel refreshed. Enjoy the pictures from the party.

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MARIA said...

Happy, happy Jack! Looks like the party was a great time. Love the picture, but it would have been a lot more fun to be there in person.