Saturday, September 08, 2007


Charlie in crysalis
Originally uploaded by Jacks mom
not the best picture in world I know but there is no way to capture how much we enjoyed this little guy. Our neighbor gave him to us as a ctipillar and we watched it eat I got to see him change into a crysalis. And then after 10 days we watched him break out dry off and fly away. It really was amazing. the details and textures were always changing as well as the colors. Jack was a bit scared of it at first when it came out because the first thing to come out were his big long legs which were intimedating. But we kept watching and then he started looking like the butterfly. I hope we can find another one next year. dont forget to click on the picture for the other pictures and more...

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Andi said...

I love those photos! I love seeing the boy's faces as Charlie is sitting there.

Those shopping bags turned out amazing.