Sunday, October 14, 2007

fall is here

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Sundays here are quiet. Those of you who know can think of how loud Delmar can get but it is quiet right now. This is always a surprise to me. The boys have grown into a pace that they play together really well so I get to write. We finally bought some pumkins yesterday at the market. The boys cleaned them in the sink and they sit on the table now. I do love pumpkins and that feeling seems to be handed down for now. Rob carried his little one around all day like a little pet. Well as the quietness desolves into clambering for pancakes I will say have a great week. Enjoy the fall.


ben said...

fun stuff, I love Autumn. Hope all is well.

lloyd said...

It is great fun to have your own pumkin!

Marijean said...

Hey there -- looking forward to meeting you at the blogger gathering Friday! It's sounding like we're going to have a good crowd.