Sunday, November 04, 2007

sleepy sunday

pumpkins and flowers
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I think the hardest part of the boys being sick is the unperdictablity of it. Not that ours days are perdictable, just less when they are sick. Happy and playing one minute than super sad and cuddly the next. Rob's ear infection is better today but he is still very tired. He fell asleep on Papa this morning at 8:15 to about 9. Time change doesnt help and I definatly was grumbling about that this morning. All this to say I was reminded that you have to hold the clock very losely as a parent, toss it out of the window sometimes if that helps. I grumble less at least. Jack has also been 'off' but I think he is better and I dont even know what was going on with him. He did get a popsicle which helped. Lastly I dont do it much but I bought some flowers for myself because I was stuck inside with the boys and it was beautiful outside. I also bought some more pumpkins to brighten the room. It is a sleepy Sunday here and I am looking forward to a brighter week.


Missy said...

Thanks for the clock reminder Tirzah, and the honesty that being a mom is hard but good. We're not so fond of the time change thing around here--poor Joseph is all mixed up, and NOT happy about it. We love your pictures! Will you be in Memphis at all over the holidays?

Tirzah said...

Acually yes I think, I am in Mem next week for the week than again after Christmas.