Friday, November 23, 2007

we are back

Opa and the boys
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and we have eaten a ton in the last two weeks. Memphis was a great time. Rob woke up at the early 5 oclock hour but was wisked downstaris by Opa and Oma for breakfast number one and trains and play. I would get out of bed later for breakfast number two or three than we would all get the day going. Jack got to go to moms day out where my sister works for one of the mornings. I had time with mom and dad as well as some time to myself. Bo was able to come down for a day also and that was a treat. There was marching to band music, cheering for the team, Go Bucks!, cooking with Oma and alot of eating. I think Rob grew an inch in front of my eyes that week. This week at home has been full too. Starting with Monday babysitting most of the morning for freinds. Tuesday was our anniversary, We ate at the Cheesecake factory and than hung out at Borders and Meshugaugh. Wed was fun with errands, playing and Pie night at the Hendrix's house. Pie night is a new tradition to us that we will wholeheartedly embrace. Than turkey day. We spent the whole day minus naps at the Maynors, cooking watching tv playing and eating. The turkeys we some of the best I have ever eaten and we had a great time. So for today I have cleaned, had friends over, finished my book and started getting ready for the christmas window. The only strange thing about this week was I didnt take many pictures, so you will have to take my word for it there were lots of smiles, more than enough food, friends and family all around.

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