Friday, January 18, 2008

Split in half

So running errands with the boys is close to being sooo over. Rob is no longer happy in his umbrella stroller, even though he is very possessive about it and considers it very much his and his only. So now I have two on foot. Jack has always been very good at following directions in public, Rob- not so much. I will say that no matter how many places I drag them we can usually hold the melt downs to a minimum. Today we played in the REI tents which is so fun, opened every trash can possible at the Container store and only pulled a few books down to read at Borders. I am bummed the easy era of errands is over because I really dont know how I am going to get things done. I am glad however that they started this after Christmas and possibly glad this is going to revolutionize how I spend my days. We shall see.

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Totallyscrappy said...

No, not good-bye to the stroller! Yeah, we only go places with carts.