Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chapter one- MARCH, happy Birthday to me

How do I put into words how much we wanted the job offers to come in? For four years we had grown in the waiting time Like those trees in the back row of the nurseries that nobody buys that was our post Covenant- Saint Louis to us. It was a pretty good nursery in more ways then one. Two kids, four years of marriage, deep friendships and young kids all around us. All of this happened while we waited for a job. By year three of waiting in the nursery I started to get a clue that this was about, growing up. That's when I got scared. Grown people are asked to do grown up things  they don't just hang out in their favorite restaurants and pay really cheap rent. They have dishwashers. I put all of this fear aside because I really wanted the next thing what ever and wherever it would be. I trusted God. More on that later. But for now we had progressed all the way to year 4 of the nursery. All the while growing. 
An email came through a friend and we responded. On my 33rd birthday Bo flew to SC for the job interview. 
The boys were on their best behavior for my birthday and I treated myself all day. Lunch out, Crocs for the boys, dinner at the Ranch (Mi-Ranchito fav Mexican restaurant) Friends close as well as far and wide called and wished me happy birthday. It was a great birthday. 
Bo came home the next day after spending as much time in the airport as in SC. I avoided the questions until after the boys were in bed. "So what do you think Bo?" - " I really want it Tirzah" So that was it. Here we go- the trusting and waiting part. I did the math in my head and if Bo got this job we would be gone in a month. A month. I told this to my closest friends to prepare them for either help putting me back on the road to growing and trusting if we don't get the job or help saying good bye to St Louis. 
At the end of the week we had not heard anything so we figured that was nice little reality check but we didn't think they wanted us. I was angry that there had been no response. I know Bo is the coolest guy in town why didint they think that too? That monday night we got a call. An offer. By tues night it was a sure thing -we were moving to SC! It is strange to write and think about it now because it seems like a long time ago and for the stuff we packed into that month it should seem like a very long time.  
 I will tackle leaving St Louis next chapter.  

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rachel said...

Thanks for thinking and writing all this through. GROW UP is my favorite Tirzah-ism ever, so far. I'm glad I got to be part of your nursery time.