Sunday, May 25, 2008

just call me grouch

Getting up in the morning is not the easiest thing for me to do. Rob is usually the first one awake and depending in his mood he will play for anywhere from 5 seconds to an hour. It was  five seconds this morning. I waited for about fifteen minutes hoping he would play but he didnt . So I got him up to avoid waking Jack because one grouch (me) is better then 3. We came out to the porch which is so nice and realized it was chilly! I went back to the room and grabbed whatever warm clothes I could find in the dark and this is what came out. Oh well thankfully no one else is up at 5:45 either. I thought he was pretty cute though. So as I grumble about early morning but I love being up with Rob. He usually runs out of the room, this morning telling me he was running as he was running, and asks immediately for waffles, not yet I say, we get our hot tea- for me and cheerios for Rob and sit on the porch. We listen for trains look for birds and watch bugs. All too soon it is  7 and breakfast time. 

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Anonymous said...

I totally would wear that outfit jacket if it came in my size. Bright and early, huh? Wow.