Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chapter 3: The Drive

Packing started well with Ryan and Ada helping but then there was a lag. I was dreading packing all day long and taking care of the boys at the same time. Someone stepped up and took the boys Just as Bo and I were glaring at each other in the truck we heard someone ask from the street. "Is someone moving here?" The unpaid/busy/fathers and brothers at our church had mercifully come. From there it went fast and before long all our things were in the Penske. The moving truck was Roberts new crush. He loved being it watching it and telling people about it. It was fun to move with their little perspectives chiming in at times. The boys were pretty confused but we did our best to talk to them and have fun in the middle of all of it. So we were ready to go. Unasked or planned the woman who call me friend came in the morning to say goodbye. I saw this act as very brave and sweet to see me off with coffee, bagels, gifts and tears. And that was it. There is a picture I posted just now that shows friends on the sidewalk and the Penske driving off you have to look closely to see them but they are there. 

The Drive: I was very thankfull it was raining the whole morning. the boys seemed excited but calm. It rained and rained. I was glad because it let me set aside the tears for a while and concentrate on one thing. Bo pushed forward in the truck while the boys and I took our time. Stopping whenever we needed to as well as places we didn't need to. Like Fido's. My favorite coffee shop from when I lived in Nashville. We sang (at the top of our lungs-ask Andi) and read and played. I was flabbergasted at how well they did in the car with just me. We got to Nashville in the afternoon to GG and Papa Joes and ran out the car legs. Oma, Opa and Katie arrived later to leave early with us in the morning. There are pictures of water towers ,I think, that signify the fact that they must point each one out that they see thanks to Melanie and her great game. The next day was long but good. Mom and the boys and I rode in her van while Dad and Bo drove our van and the Penske to SC. I felt loved the whole trip. R texted me, L's music was and always is the best. A-s gifts and music took up alot of time and M- sent some great snacks. And so we made it. Here at last. Scared and tired but healthy and loved. 

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