Monday, June 30, 2008

Chapter 4

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So I just posted a very random set of pictures from our apartment. I realized I hadnt shown you where we live- sorry. Well here it is.
Good things- tree outside of window and patio.I love the way it shimmers in the wind, the lizards are always on it and it hides us.
Patio- good for spills, playdough and drinks. All around one of the better choices.
closets- wow I forgot how easy it is to put stuff away when you have these.
Two bathrooms- good. but I am surprised how little I use the middle one. We still hang out in ours which is huge!
Laundry room- yeah, although not with washer and dryer ....yet...
run around room- The boys have a route they like to run and often do.
Not so hot things- white carpet under the dining room table... I have a messy 2 year old and they dont mix well.
white walls- we are working on this- more when its done.

Thats about it. Its a nice place and freinds have already seen it. I hope more will eventually. Lease is up April 24th 2009

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H. Pierre Schlomo Presley said...

Tirzah- the place looks great! Very open and lots of light. Your pictures made me realize that I've never posted shots of our apartment here...I suppose it's only been two years. Tried calling yesterday, will try again. Xoxo.