Monday, June 16, 2008

Chapter two- Finally more chapters

Well I have finally started thinking about leaving Saint Louis in a good light. Saying that makes it sound like I dont want to be here but thats not the case. It was just hard to leave. So as I listen to Nostagiaphobia in my ears (thanks Leslie) let me tell you about leaving. 

Packing 101. 1. The more you get rid of the better. 2. As much as you have gotten rid of you can still get rid of more. 3. Then more. The amount of boxes that we did pack created a big mountain in the dining room that we would soon cease to eat in because we were running out of space. At least he madness was contained to one room. Things just disappearing from other rooms to reappear as another box in the mountain. When I got back from -WAIT Arizona! I forgot to write about AZ. Sorry Maria. It was wonderful. Pictures are on flickr now to prove how great it was. I love traveling and to go to the desert while it was blooming AND meet a new person, baby Lillian was a great treat. I didn't know the questions to ask Maria about moving and how to do it. I think we both knew this so we covered the really good stuff like how are you growing in marriage, being a mommy and with God. It was a beautiful time to see the dessert in bloom as well. So back. Andi and Leslie packed my kitchen while I was away. It was good start, I don't know if I would have been able to start if they hadn't.  The days fell into a mix of packing seeing people and wondering what life would look like in a few short weeks.  Bo and I marked a few things off our list that we knew we would miss. I dragged friends around to places I would miss and I didn't shy away from seeing anyone and staying up probably too late. Telling my closest friends that we were leaving was the hardest. But their reactions proved the reality of how much I love them and they were excited and sad with me. I would like a video of our talks, there was plenty of laughing and crying mostly at the same time. At his time the Gordons also began packing in earnest and the reality really set in. 
The hardest part of the amount of emotions I was going through every day was the spilt I felt between fear of the new and excitement of the new. I feel like we did a good job saying good-bye but it was made possible by the very people I was leaving. Thanks for letting us go so well. 

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