Tuesday, August 05, 2008

There have been some sweet things in the last few days. It is tough always being available but it is sweet too. Hummingbirds. We have hummingbirds now. I have coaxed them into using our feeder and we love watching them. Before we actually watched them eat I walked out on the porch one morning and found this very tiny feather waiting for me. How sweet. Also Robert has begun to tell when he is poopin. I know thats not sweet but let me explain. For him to tell me that he is poopin means he is expressing something he will soon be able to do on his own if he is becoming aware of his body like that. So; Sweet - he is near the end of his diapers. Then lastly, drawing. i forgot about being able to sit and draw with the boys. How fun. We recently put a drawer organizer in the laundry room that they can get supplies out of when they want. This has turned into many impromto drawing sessions. The sweetness here is Jacks drawing of me in the ocean. It is the first of many drawings I think I will never get rid of. Sweet to my heart. 

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ben said...

I never thought about how small their feathers are! I like the way you expressed your observations. Miss you guys!