Saturday, September 20, 2008

Break your heart Blue.

Thats what the sky looked like today. So deep and fun clouds always changing. It was the rare kinda day for here in my vast experience. We headed off in the stroller for a small town parade for 'Fun fest' . now this is the second small town parade we have been to since we have been here and I think they are pretty cute. If you want to walk in a parade you need to live in a small town. Just grab you baby and stroller or riding lawn mower for that matter and get in line. The band is always our favorite. Today the local highschool all dressed in costumes for the event and it was pretty funny to see this random mismatched group playing very well and in great formation. We loved it. I think one drawback is that if enough people dont show the parade is very short so off we walked to our favorite playground to run and sit and hunt frogs. These poor frogs I try to limit them to just one sacrificial squeeze per find but Rob can be quick. It eventually turns into me hiding frogs for there own safety. i like frogs anyway so its a good excuse for me to hold them and not Rob. Jack has gotten pretty good at it though. Today was just beautiful. Reflective light everywhere, cool breezes and all four of us hangin out- you cant beat it.

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