Friday, September 26, 2008

The grasshopper and The rabbit

We are still hunting bugs and such at the park. Yesterday we found a very pretty grasshopper and a young not so tiny toad. Rob loved his grasshopper and carried in its tupperware everywhere. Showed it to all the moms, sat it beside him all day and called it his praying mantis. I drew the line with napping with it. I didnt want to come in after naps and find peices of the grasshopper everywhere or worse not find the grasshopper at all. For bath grasshopper got to sit on the counter in his tupperware. At first I heard a bug making a noise but thought it was from outside but realized it was our grasshopper joining the ruckus. Amazingly enough Rob wasn't super sad to let it go. We let them both go before bed so they could go off to their own beds as well. i had noticed recently that the large toad that lives under our stairs had died so we put the new toad into his old burrow. Maybe he will stay and maybe he wont. It will be interesting to see. 

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