Sunday, September 07, 2008

Our Saturday

Originally uploaded by Jacks mom
We wore the boys out at the park playing with the girls and bugs and sand and playground stuff. I never thought I would dare touch one f these dead cicadas but I found it ( I have become a good bug finder) along with a green june bug for Rob and let them look at them. I find that when I will not touch something they wont either. So I am trying to toss out my fear of the creepy crawlies, I find it easier when the bugs are very dead. On another note, the boys view of painting differs from mine. I like the paint to be on the paper. Rob likes it to be on his arm, in stripes. Jack just likes to color the water. Body painting is not such a big deal to me but wasting paint pigments in water thats another issue. I cant convince Jack that the water is not the most important thing to painting. Oh well. click on the bug and Jack for painting pics.


2WeeMonsters said...

D-boy's favorite thing to do with paint & markers is draw on himself (kept him happy for 3 hours on the trip home from Atlanta!). And as far as creepy crawlies go, I think I'm going to have to learn how to pick up snakes... which is a FAR scarier thing in my world then dead bugs (although they, too, are a struggle). The things we do for our little people!

Tirzah said...

I dont think I would mind a green snake. I am always looking for them. Its the flying bugs I dont really like so much.