Thursday, October 30, 2008

Her is our latest butterfly to hatch. Last year we had Monarchs this year we have Gulf Fritillas. As a egg they look like tiny tiny tiny honeycombs or yellow jewels. The caterpillar is orange and black with spikes but with no stingers like some of its cousins. The chrysalis is very different from a monarch. Very tan and textured. The funny thing about these little guys is that they hang at an angle. Tinkerbell, as Jack named it, hatched tues night and we let it warm up in the sun before it flew away yesterday. And of course there was a good frost on the ground this morning which means i dont know how long Tinkerbell made it out there but they are tough little guys considering how little and beautiful they are. Thanks to the Wood girls we chased butterflies and caterpillars with all summer.

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Pauline said...

Those are some cool pictures. Jackson was telling me about the butterfly yesterday. My kids got me one of those kits one year for Mothers day. It was fun watching them:)