Friday, October 03, 2008

Oct 2

Yep its already October folks. I am in the dining room typing while the boys nap and it is glorious outside. Just like the parades there seems to be lots of small town fesitivals as well. Okra Strut for instance, although we missed that one. The one at the building the Wired Bean is in will have a water skiing scare-crow. Thats right,water sking scare-crows. I know this is strange but it might help if I told you there is a tiny pond behind the building they use to water ski in so it might be interesting. I will post about it regardless. We went to the zoo thursday. It was all round great trip. Not alot of whining on the boys part, not many school kids running wild and we got to see three feeding shows, seals, tropical fish with a scuba diver and we fed the giraffes. i was very proud of the boys not being afraid of the giraffe, they are really big. The wheather was the unsung hero of the day that made all of this possible. The tiger cubs are about 3 months old and fun to watch. There was one cub that caught my attention though. It was standing on the edge of the play area looking down into the deep ditch between us, crying. It was pitiful. The other cubs were tearing around chasing and fighting or looking at us but this one only had eyes for what was in the ditch. And then it dawned on me. Mama tiger is down there getting away from those cute little cubs. I took pictures of the whole thing minus the mama b/c we couldnt see her but it is a feeling I know well and laughed very hard on the inside. Mama tigers need vacation too. We even ate lunch out at the car then went back in for more. To end the afternoon Rob fell asleep in the stoller before we got back and slept all the way home.

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Once when we were at Suson park, I saw a mama goat getting fed up with her babies chasing her around the pen trying to nurse. At the time Daniel was nursing CONSTANTLY and was driving me crazy. It was reassuring that all mama's need space!