Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nov 26th

We are back home in South Carolina now. THe trip there was a great adventure for the boys and I. They loved the little white economy car- Cobalt Sport- I rented for the trip to the airport. it was a bit tiny for me but very sporty. Two doors and two kids is not a good ratio. Jack took Damamine for the 3 hour ride and it knocked him out. Rob sleeps in the car anyway so I had a very pleasant-coffee sippin-no other traffic-beautiful trees drive to Atlanta. I drove straight to Ikea where the boys yelled with delight and I didnt know if the boys were more excited about the Ikea or the plane at this point. I dropped Jack off in the play area and Rob and I went ot buy fabric. While Rob and I followed arrows around the marketplace Rob practicly ran into a old friend I had not seen in years. So we talked while Rob played in the toy section. So fun. Then I collected Jack and met a new old friend in the food area and had lunch with her and her 2 kiddos. Panic set in when i checked my flight on her Iphone. It said the the flight was at a different time and i was confused. We rushed out of Ikea and to the airport but i convinced myself I had read it wrong and didnt hurry. The rental place was great getting us checked in and on the shuttle. A man on the shuttle helped us to the Delta kiosk and the boys and I waited very patiently for the baggage to get checked. Then through security and a train ride to the gate. Whew! That seems like a lot but we had a ton of fun. The flight was fine, except Rob getting a little stircrazy at the end. We arrived into Oma and Opas arms and a very rainy Memphis evening. There is no words to describe how much it tickles my heart to hear my son calling for his Opa in the morning and knowing that they are going to play and read boks until the rest of us get up, I even got up early one morning to see the fun. i worked some of the week there putting together Dads birthday party and the rest of the time relaxed and played. The time went fast and Bo came on the 20th to join us for the rest of the weekend. We jammed in Turkey dinner, birthday celebrations, a family picture and other stuff then we were back to SC. Jack is looking and acting so much older these days and I really didnt notice it till we got back. Rob is still eating enough for the neighborhood and is very polite. All in all it is hard not to be proud of the two kiddos who travel so well and have fun doing it. Good job boys. 
I am posting vidoes and pictures as a get to them So enjoy your turkeys or chinese food and have a great thanksgiving. 

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