Friday, December 26, 2008

Dec 26th

I do like December 26th. Its like all bets are off, anything goes. We had a great last few days together around the tree and shopping and cooking and playing. I will tell you before I forget that we do not have internet at the house right now and it has put a big cramp in my style. So things might not be so speedy posting but we shall see. Anyway Jacks dream of a light saber came true this christmas with Rob right behind. This is the one item he has been asking for for quite a while.I am loading the picture of him opening it as I write so go look at flickr. But watching the boys 'fight' is really funny. Jack says come on Rob lets play with the light savers(we cant convince him it is saber) Rob says great and they comince. Rob really gets into it but Jack no way no how wants to fight that much so they negotiate in their own way how to hit the swords just right but by that time Robs lost interest and they are off to the next thing. I am not sure it is what he thought it would be. Jack opened his first present which was a sticker book and just wanted to do that for a while, same thing with Rob after treating us all with his new medical kit he went to his room and played by himself for quite a while. They are both kinda scared of the remote control car but LOVE IT. You can see it on Robs face more then Jacks. Bo and I both made off very well and are enjoying the week and Bos birthday soon. Enjoy the pictures.

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