Thursday, January 08, 2009


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I thought i would post a few pics about the hair. These boys need a hair cut! so bad. i am trying to stretch myself b/c short hair is so much easier. But lets face it I am being lazy. Otherwise other news around here is health and the lack of it. We have had a wierd virus that is mainly a painful throat but that is it. So I have boys here on very rainy days that feel ok but not great which is never a good combination. Rob also is on his double ear infection again. I asked the doctor to look at his chart that just got sent over from StL and she said 'wow' to the list of dates he has had them. But amazingly he has timed them perfectly so that they dont want to do tubes. He powers through them now anyway, I just dont like giving him drugs all the time. The boys and I are still playing with new Christmas toys, cleaning out the house, as always and sewing. January is a strange place if it doesnt have a bitter wind that is so cold it takes your breath away. I wear my jacket anyway just to remember the cold. The toads are even back under the bushes. I guess I am struggleing for news here but really we have settled into days of normal-ness if that is possible with kids.

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