Tuesday, February 03, 2009


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So the boys and I have been going on 'adventure' hikes around the lake here. It is really fun. I dont have to drive buy or pack lunches. It also seems that they are entertained by just a small amount of stuff. They are also very differerent in their hiking styles. Rob will stand and throw rocks for ever while Jack likes to keep going and find trees and trails that are interesting. Keep in mind that that area we are exploring is only the size of half a football feils wrapped around a small part of the lake. it is a good way to spend the afternoons.


maria said...

You don't know how much I wish I could go on one of those hikes with you all. We tried our own adventure this evening --feeding ducks. A.D.D. dog, crazy toddler, and me participated. It consisted of holding onto Lily's dress with one hand, Foster's leash with the other, and trying to prevent either of them from going straight into the water. They loved it, and after 15 minutes I felt as though I had tempted fate long enough. I loved it! Seriously, it was amazing walking around the park with Lily holding my hand.

Robert said...

Fun . We also tried to feed the ducks but they were on the other side and wouldnt come:(