Saturday, March 14, 2009

wrap up Switzerland

Well I know that I have posted a ton of pictues butI havent said much of my trip. It started out very well sleeping in my extra seat on the long leg of the trip- the 8 hour flight. It was through the night which helps. It really is amazing how small the video screens are infront of you for movies. But arrived great grabbed a coffee and met Townes and Kacey at he airport then headed back to her flat. I think the days have melted together for me now since that was two weeks ago already. But I will tell you the things i loved were of course anywhere and anything we ate. From the Italian place at night to the sausages from the stand on the street. Oh yeah and the chocolates. I know I drove everyone crazy but I would step in to almost every chocolate store we passed- and thats alot- and just buy one or two for kacey and I. It was so fun and so good. We saw all the churches or at least the main three. I cryed in the Fraumunster which is the church that houses Marc Chagalls work b/c its so well... Chagall. That is for another post. Anyway we went into a ton of shops a well including a massive department store that really didnt look that large but had a whole grocery food court and florist on the basement floor. I obviously loved all of the toy store. I will post a picture of the toys I bought the boys when I get a chance. We spent sat in the mountain which is a gamble b/c of ski traffic but it payed off b/c it was the most beautiful day ever! We went to Grindelwald which is about 2 1/2 hours from Zurich. We took it easy and walked through town ate lunch then rode the Gondola up the mts. Hiked there then another snack then another hike before we heade back to the trains for home. I did not ski. Because lets be honest here I would have brocken something! hiking is more me anyway the one foot infront of each kind of stuff. Sunday we went to the Kacey and Coys church which is where I would go if I was there. In the states some churches pride themselves on being'multi-cultural' and are not. Here is what was and it was nice. Thechurch was beautiful and b/c I felt no pressure to fit in it was very comfortable. Monday I walked a ton in the old town with both Kacey and then Coy. Kacey and I stared out at Cake Freinds and I ended the day there as well with Coy then with Kacey as well. The waitress thought we were at little nuts. And Coy thanks for going to cake friends with me. ok to sum it up. I loved living with the three Buckleys for a week. The grocery stores the mountains the coffee and the food and walking. I could go on but I will stop here.
Thanks again Kacey and Coy for a great time.


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hmmmmm....cake friends. evil, yet delicious?

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