Thursday, April 23, 2009

For Jesse from Jack

summer cut
Originally uploaded by Jacks mom
Jesse, Jack wanted you to see his new hair cut. Just like yours and He loves it! We are in memphis this week looking for jobs and recovering from the drive and move. I love watching the boys here. The trampoline keeps them busy and seeing all the toys here plus their own is a fun combination for them. My brother and i were laughing today at lunch about the fact that all the Kerns kids are back in town for the time being. something that has never happened before. We dont know quite what to do with it but I think it is going to be fun.


Pauline said...

Dear Jackson,
I love you so much. I like your haircut.
Love, Jesse

Daryl Madi said...

The Madis all think that Jack's haircut looks great!

Marie Manzo said...

You look sooo cool!

Megan said...

looking good,Jack!

Anonymous said...

I really like your haircut, Jack.
You and Rob look great.


Denton said...

He looks great!
Tell Him, Rob, and Bo that i said hey!
I'm sorry that I couldn't see you guys before you was finals week for me. :/
I hope memphis finds you well!

Karen W. said...

Kevin likes your haircut, too! Wants to know if he can rub your head, like I always do his!