Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For Merry M

For Merry
Originally uploaded by Jacks mom
I thought you might like. They have loved these.


Daryl Madi said...

hey, d showed me (yes it is merry here) and i kicked him off for me to type :-) that was soooo sweet... i am glad they enjoy the toy. we miss y'all something aweful. we had sm grp last night,sad. eli asked if there was any chance jack and rob would come. love your boy's haircut, the shorn sheep look is good on them. tell rob the button on my head that goes tookie-tookie was removed yesterday, the dr did not like how it was growing (my forehead mole). zach said it will grow back a little tookie-tookie for him to push (rob and zach liked the button). i was a whimp about it too, my head still hurts. also, i felt inspired by you and got my hair chopped yesterday and tonight i will drink a little corona in your honor. miss ya lots, hug your men for me, and i continue to pray for you, love merry

ed said...