Sunday, April 12, 2009

to Savannah

small square
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One of the things that was important to do before we left was go down and see the Gordons. I have loved visiting them in this new town. Savannah is like no other place I have been and I really enjoyed my time there. There seems to be art in the air with every building being part of SCAD and there is plenty of great coffee, trees and adventures. I just posted 52 pictures because I cant seem to not take them of those great live oaks that block the sun or the river boats. Chris Michael Elliot and Bug we will miss you and your little river town. See you soon.

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Denton said...

Its truely an amazing and beautiful place, i'm blessed to have a brother that lives there! We're going down next weekend for the side walk chalk art festival, i wish that you could experience that. I also wish that ya'll weren't leaving.