Tuesday, June 16, 2009

there and back again

at the penguins
Originally uploaded by Jacks mom
Well despite the loss of my phone -I lost everyones numbers by the way so call Bo- and two new tires the week was great! I posted a ton of pictures so enjoy those while I tackle the stack of thins I need to get done!


Pauline said...

I was wondering what happend. Jesse called a few days ago to talk to Jack. He has been talking about him a lot lately and wanting to call him. I don't have Bo's phone number so call me when you can: 803-951-7170 or my cell 803-513-8360
Thanks:) I also need your mailing address. Could you email me that?

Tirzah said...

I should get my phone today call you then:)

maria said...

jack looks cold and tall and happy.