Friday, November 20, 2009

that about sums it up.

Rob and Jack nov09
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From this picture you can see why people ask me if they are twins although standing Jack is still a good head taller. I took this shot during breakfast last week. The boys have started hanging out in the kitchen to eat and help while I cook. So that means they sit on the washer to eat and hang out. it is really funny and they can be very silly. i think this shot is also a good example of how they are thriving here. The 'big' house suits them. Being close to family has been wonderful and not a day goes by that Rob doesn't ask to go to Omas. I think that will increase even more when Cora gets here. Rob will probably have the hardest time with the new little one. Although I do tend to underestimate the boys. Jack has had some very serious and specific conversations with me about how he is going to help with Cora. One of his own ideas is that he is going to read to her every day, he even showed me what she is going to look like when he reads to her. Which was pretty accurate, just sitting there staring ahead. I do hope their excitement lasts a couple months after birth, past the just eating and crying ameba stage. So here I have posted about the boys but I ment to post about me for once. it is Bos and I 10th anniversary today! A dime, A decade, A tenth! I am so privileged to have Bo and in turn have the kids. I know for a fact that all that i have comes from God and I am very thankful. It wasnt an easy decade but laughing while crying will grow you up and I am glad I walked down the aisle at 2:30 ten years ago. Here is to the next ten!
PS We are celebrating with dinner and a movie! How clique! But we have found that we are relishing these two things now without kids and free babysitting!


Missy said...

I remember the day! Congratulations!! Praying for little Cora and her brothers--hope to see you over Thanksgiving or Christmas. Can't believe it has been so long!

Anonymous said...

try this again...
I remember that day well, seems not long ago...listening to Casey's journal as we all do our hair.

Pauline said...

Happy (Belated) anniversary. I hope you had a great time:) Miss you:)