Friday, November 06, 2009

The Zoo

We got to go to the zoo this week as well. It was a beautiful free tues day to go and we were excited. We waited till 2 to go b/c it is free then. It was kinda weird for me to wait like that. I f you know me as a mom you know I am out of the door early, most of the time too early so this was a change for me. I liked it though. Rob ran around all morning yellling that he was so excited! It was very fun indeed. And as I found out that late in the day has no school groups, that is agood thing. The zoo has changed since I have been back and definatly for the better. I would honestly go and sit for a day and watch either the wolves or polar bears play like they were. So fun.
Strangly the bats in the very dark exibit were Jacks favorite, Who knew? Rob liked the Komono (sp) Dragon the best. So I guess if it is creepy and dark or scaly the Rhodes boys will love it. 

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