Monday, May 10, 2010

Degoba system

into play!
Originally uploaded by Jacks mom
I think this is an awesome picture. Jack did no fall even though it looks like he is ready to. It is just a laser move he was working on I guess. Note also that he is in his PJs. They asked if they could go outside at 7 am and I said sure so off they went. I later got the explanation that since it was raining and wet they wanted to act like they were in Yodas place. Breakfast had been at the table long before I could get them to come in. They are playing so well together these days it is very fun to watch how over my head complicated the play is. Star Wars is not the only thing going on around here though. Cars are still very much played with as well as all the animals. The Wii is regulated but used well. Cora is growing not only in stature but also in her need for face time. Here begins the difference in baby girls and baby boys. The guys were good looking at anything. Cora not so much. She must see you! Thankfully she also loves her brothers faces and aunts and grandparents so there is enough to go around but you can see how this is throwing a kink into everyday chores around here. May seems like the fastest month of the year and this year is no exception.


Anonymous said...

such a precious don't miss a thing and that makes you very special...thanks for sharing all of these precious things with us


Lloyd said...

WOW! That's fantastic!

Megan said...

you are such a good mom. i want to be just like you when i am a mom one day....but i dont have your selflessness or energy or generosity! i think you are the epitome of a self sacrificing but also laid back and casual parent. i miss your fam.